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The Mirror

A poem by Linda Graver (former Core/Host)

Thank you for the mirror,

The mirror of my mind,

My soul,


All of me.

Thank you for its fragility,

The delicate shards reflecting the Inner World.

Thank you for the Shattering,

Sharp, shattered fragments, jagged and raw,

No single song standing out,

But a symphony,




Loud, soft crystalline darkened,

Sharp, flat, toneless,

Colourful, monochromatic, melodic.

Thank you for the song they bring,

A different note each one,

Formed, forming, reaching, grasping,

Silent, deafening.

Thank you that they are me,

All of me,

Part of me and apart from me,


Unique, dark, dazzling,

Shaped upon the sands of time itself,

The sands of Creation,

The Mirror of Creation,

We, Us, Me,

Thank you.


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