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The Legal Stuff

  1. All content on this website is copyright to Sapphire Graver unless otherwise stated.

  2. If content is used from another source, links will be provided to that source.

  3. All images are either my own personal photos or taken from Pixabay which provide royalty-free images.

  4. Do not reproduce anything on this website without express written permission from myself.

  5. You may use the photos from Pixabay for your own use, however do not use my photos. Unless otherwise stated, photos will be from Pixabay. If I use my own, I will make sure that is clearly stated.

  6. You may share my posts to your favourite social media platform, however please credit me in the post.

  7. All posts remain my intellectual property. Do not copy and paste my posts without crediting me as the author. Do not claim any of my posts as your own.

  8. Always link any shared posts to my website using the following link:


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