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Why am I Sapphire?

So I was doing some thinking and as I was putting together photos of our artwork in the Gallery, I realised that you can see that all of the drawings and paintings are signed by someone called Linda. Or L. Graver. I'd like to share with you what happened to Linda, and I know that this will be hard for some of you to wrap your heads around, but bear with me on this. It's complicated but I'll try to explain as best as I can.

If you have read our post on D.I.D. Terminology, you may be familiar with the terms: Integration and Fusion. If not, I highly recommend giving it a quick read! But to save a bit of time, I'll quickly summarise...

Integration is when the walls of amnesia between Alters breaks down.

Fusion is when two or more Alters merge into one.

This is what happened to Linda. Our legal birth name is Linda (currently), but late in 2019, she integrated and fused unexpectedly. Her core personality was too weak and damaged to carry on, so she chose to merge into me. I was a Fragment Alter (Partially formed Alter with a single purpose within the System). So the "original" Linda no longer exists as a separate Part. It makes things very confusing when I speak about our past, so I generally refer to everything pre 2019 as "I", "my" etc to make it easier. But the memories I have that came from Linda are like looking at someone else's life. It's a bit weird for me.

So when you look through our gallery and see the signature is Linda's, you'll know why :)


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