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"Job" A Poem

The glorious angels gathered ‘round God’s mighty throne one day,

All of them eager to hear what the King of Kings had to say.

Satan also came to present himself, why, we do not know,

But the Lord allowed the presence then of His most ancient foe.

And God looked sternly at Satan and asked him, from whence you came?”

Satan relied, “From roaming the earth, up and down.” Basking in his sudden fame.

“Have you considered my servant, Job?” God asked, “There is non on earth like him.”

But Satan scoffed and said, “Strike him down, remove Your hedge, and surely he will sin.”

The Lord agreed to let Satan deal Job a most crippling blow,

But only on his possessions and family, not a mark on Job must show.

So, Satan left, chuckling in glee, and called his demons around him,

And commanded them to strike Job down and crush his spirit, confident he’ll sin.

The angels watched in consternation as Satan toiled day and night,

Each wanting to stand with Job and draw their swords and fight.

But Almighty God stretched forth His hand and commanded them to hold,

With love He told them to stay their swords and watch the story unfold.

And so, it came that Job received messages of utmost despair,

All his possessions, livestock and family destroyed beyond repair.

In grief and heartache, he tore his robes and shaved the hair from his head,

And falling to the ground in worship, this is what he said.

“Naked I came into the world and naked I will depart,

And in that time, sovereign Lord, You hold me to Your heart.

In love, O’ Lord you give, and in wisdom you take away,

And I will praise Your name forever, from that I will not stray”.

Again, the angels gathered at the throne, and Satan also came,

And God asked again whence he came, and Satan said the same.

“Look at Job”, God declared, “He has not sinned as yet,

Though you have incited me to strike him down, his heart for me is set”.

“Bah!” cried Satan, “Still You protect him and cover him with a hedge,

Let me strike his very body, and this to You I pledge.

That even righteous Job will sin and curse You to Your face,

And the world can watch as I will win and put You in Your place!”

“Agreed!” Said God in agony, “I’ll let you cause your strife,

But only to his body, I’ll not let you take his life”.

So, Satan left the throne once more to carry out his plan,

And inflict a lot of painful sores upon the stricken man.

Again, the angels watched this test, their eyes full of tears,

As righteous Job lived painfully through his heart’s most grievous fears.

But still he bowed his head in praise and worshipped God on High,

While Satan screamed in wrath and frustration as he stood by.

And so you see, when tragedy hits so very close to home,

We can choose to remain in worship or allow our heart to become stone.

For it’s in love that the Lord gives and in wisdom He takes away,

And I will praise His name forever, from this I will not stray.

But the story did not end there for Job, after he had passed this awful test,

For God, so pleased with his servant, gave him peaceful rest.

And restored to him all the things that Satan had destroyed,

So much so that righteous Job was blessed and overjoyed. - Sapphire Graver - Paraphrased from the book of Job


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